Building the difference.

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Welcome to the world of values of TES – Technocare Electronic Systems. Considering our company development and our expertise, it is easy to explain why values have a direct influence on successful productions:

We have recognised that in a networked world, optimally aligned networked processes are working better. As part of an internationally successful network, we operate at the highest level and work daily towards new benchmarks in the assembly process. We have also recognised that the combination of man and machine works significantly better if one allows both components to fuse to a symbiosis, with intuiti-on and a striving for excellence. What appears “simple and logical” at first glance has shaped us in recent years, driven by perfectionism and the wish to deliver high-end performance for the best of the best, into a matrix organization that has developed each detail of a successful process, from planning to assembly, to the highest standards by means of a finely tuned system.

The expectation: each project must be a successful project.


Wie Friedrich Schiller sagte: Strebe nach Ruhe, aber durch das Gleichgewicht, nicht durch den Stillstand deiner Tätigkeit.
– Ing. Klaus Landschützer

Wie Carl Hilty sagte: Das Glück des Lebens besteht nicht darin, wenig oder keine Schwierigkeiten zu haben, sondern sie alle siegreich und glorreich zu überwinden.
– Dipl.-Ing. Hannes Pfisterer